About Our Brands
The published content of the Bentley Global Arts Group is comprised of artwork sourced from 8 distinctive brands that each has its own style and aesthetic. We believe in this "brand" system as a wonderful way to not only maintain the heritage and legacy of some of these long standing publishing brands but also as a useful tool to help our customers source artwork that best matches their needs and styles.

Explore our individual brands below. On each brand page you will find new artwork from that brand as well as listing of featured artists and links to best sellers. If brands don't mean anything to you, then head over to the index search on the left and browse all of our content in one big bucket!

Aaron Ashley spans the museum offerings from pre-20th century Asian art to the masters of the Hudson River School, Western American art, Impressionism, Folk Art, Floral Prints, Victorian subjects, English sporting prints as well as the works of Audubon.
Promoting both the beauty and fragility of our planet and its wildlife, AnimalsandEarth is a collective presentation of some of the world's greatest natural history photographs. The award-winning images include wildlife, landscapes, and nature.
From abstract to semi-representational, this collection has an emphasis on fresh, trend-forward painting styles and newest looks. Artfolio West images are selectively sold through “boutique retailers” with the intent to retain a degree of exclusivity.
Artworks Italia is a tailored contemporary art collection selected from numerous international sources that conveys both hype and personality in a constant effort to respond to today's evolving market, with a flavor that can really make the difference.
Bentley House began in the mid 1980’s publishing and marketing fine art lithographs. Today this collection's images span generations, providing the best decorative wall décor for traditional landscapes, seascapes and still life’s.
BG.Studio is our in-house brand featuring contemporary messages inspired by our rapidly changing digital world. Each image invokes color-typography-content-texture all rolled into one, with a unique twist.
The Brooklyn Museum is one the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. Since opening in 1895, its exhibits and collection have sought to embody the rich artistic heritage of world cultures.
Founded in 1913 "for the benefit of all the people forever" the Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the world's most distinguished comprehensive art museums and Bentley Global Arts Group is honored by this new Museum Editions collaboration.
Our archival print brand which includes a Museum Masterpiece Collection, one of the largest Historical Map Collections available, and an extensive archive of Asian art and Vintage Advertising posters.
Golden Age Maps is a highly curated collection of some of the most important while decorative maps from an unparalleled period of cartography.
Innovations is a collection of the finest, contemporary photography from around the world. Meticulously curated and clearly the best of the best​ in the marketplace today.