Bentley House
Bentley House began in the mid 1980’s publishing and marketing fine art lithographs. Over the years the collection has evolved, amassing hundreds of talented artists whose traditional styles have embraced a more conservative buyer. Bentley House images span generations, providing the best decorative wall décor for traditional landscapes, seascapes and still life’s.

Featured Artist
Diane Romanello
Diane Romanello is a self-taught artist whose paintings are characterized by a sense of beauty and romance, inviting the viewer into a serene, natural world. Whether depicting pastel flower gardens lining a promenade, brick lanes, leading to lake fronts, or boardwalks which invite a walk on the beach, her images suggest the memory of a treasured place.

The artist states, "I want the viewer to feel as though they can step right into my work."

Diane's paintings blend luxuriant and soothing color with sumptuous texture, her brush strokes evident in every image. Her luminous beach scenes, landscapes, gardens and country retreats merge elements of fantasy with realism, accomplished by the artist's keen sense of light, texture and composition.
Diane Romanello