Bentley Global Arts Group provides publishing, finishing and fulfillment services to many different partners and markets. From publishing customized items for well known museums and international entertainment companies, to print-on-demand lines for retailers and other art publishers, our service operations are a core component to our overall business and strategy.

We feel that our incredibly diverse experience and technology platform allows us to develop programs that fit partners of all sizes and types. To place an order or inquire about any special project needs, please email
Fine Art Printing
It is no secret that our passion, joy and expertise lies in our ability to print massive volumes of fine art reproductions leveraging our automated queuing and spooling technology. What this means is that we can print on multiple substrates with incredible fidelity, consistency and speed.

The process starts in our Image Lab where all print-ready files are ingested into our system and the corresponding data is input. At that point image is now ready to go.

We use various methods of automatically or manually importing orders from our partners, but once that step is complete the system goes into action and the requested product can be printed and ready for the next step in less than 24 hours. The required turnaround time from our partners is what determines when an order is funneled through the system as everything is controlled by the 'expected ship date' for the order.

Our print production department maintains dozens of large format Canon printers. Our equipment is always the most recent generation of printers so that we can benefit from the amazing progress Canon continually makes with its inkset and printhead technologies. The lifecycle of our equipment is also closely managed so that the age of the entire print farm is consistent.
Canvas Finishing
One of the highest-volume services that we offer is finishing services for our published canvas products. We drop-ship hundreds of canvas products daily for partners of all types. The customization of these finished products is entirely controlled by the requirements of our partners.

Our canvas services include custom stretching (museum or gallery), brushstroking services, as well as custom framing services.
Volume Custom Framing
We also provide volume custom framing services for our own brands as well as the needs of our clients. This flexible operation can seamlessly transition from single item custom orders to framing thousands of items for design clients and other buyers of all types. For our volume clients, we can design, source, and output custom prototypes within days.
Drop Ship
With years of experience shipping prints and finished products around the world, we feel our shipping and fulfillment service is one of our greatest strengths.

If a client that uses our publishing or finishing services sees an operational advantage in drop shipping directly from our facility to their customer, we can easily create a program to suit.

From system integration notifying our customers of order status, to competitive freight and packaging charges, our drop ship services can create a seamless transition from production to distribution.

In addition, we have the experience and capability to ship high volume palletized orders to catalog/retail distribution centers. From retail ready packaging, to customized re-shipper solutions, we can easily develop a solution for your needs.