Aaron Ashley
Begun in the mid 1950’s, Aaron Ashley spans the museum offerings from pre-20th century Asian artists to the iconic masters of the Hudson River School paintings and Western American art. The line has broadened to include Impressionism, Folk Art, Floral and Animal Prints, Victorian subjects, English hunting and sporting prints and a side variety of other subjects. Aaron Ashley features the most complete collection of the bird paintings of John James Audubon, reproduced from the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Audubon Society.

Featured Artist
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Pierre Auguste Renoir
"I was a very diligent student; I ground away in the academic way...but I never obtained the slightest honorable mention and my professors were unanimous in finding my painting wretched."
- Pierre Auguste Renoir

Renoir started out as an apprentice to a porcelain painter and studied drawing in his free time. After years struggling as a painter, Renoir helped launch Impressionism and eventually became one of the most highly regarded artists of his time.